3 ECOs sought by the ROHM Group

ECO Life

Contributing to a safe, reliable, and
comfortable society and enriching daily lives

Sensor Networks

Sensor networks are considered essential for realizing ECO Life. In the IoT field, sensors that detect various physical quantities and networks used to share sensor information play essential roles. Combining the disparate technologies of ROHM Group companies LAPIS Semiconductor and Kionix allows ROHM to contribute to safer, more comfortable living by creating low power, high precision sensor networks.

Sensor Networks

Enriching lives by providing greater safety, reliability,
and comfort through smart sensor networks and small,
lightweight devices.

Sensor Solutions

Sensing Devices

ROHM combines a variety of sensor elements comprised of MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) and photonics technologies with optimized ASICs (application specific integrated circuits) that utilize those elements to create a wide range of sensing devices. This allows ROHM to construct sensor environments that offers unprecedented levels of safety and comfort by sensing movement such as acceleration and pressure as well as environmental information, including color and brightness, with a great deal of precision.

Pressure Sensors
Pressure Sensors
Sensor Medal
Sensor Medal

Communications Devices

In the IoT field where significant expansion is expected, there is a need to configure networks in different environments. In addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Smart, ROHM utilizes technologies such as Wi-SUN wireless for communicating over longer distances with low power consumption and the battery-less wireless EnOcean protocol to meet the needs of a diverse market.

Wi-SUN Modules
Wi-SUN Modules
EnOceanSwitch Modules
Switch Modules

Mobile Solutions

Ultra-Compact Devices

ROHM offers thin, ultra-compact compo-nents that support smartphones and other portable devices that are becoming increasingly multifunctional. This includes the RASMID® series of the world's smallest products, which contribute to greater miniaturization and functionality in high density applications.

RASMID® Series (Chip resistors, diodes)
RASMID® Series
(Chip resistors, diodes)
Ultra-Compact Low Profile Chip LEDs PICOLEDTM® Series
Ultra-Compact Low Profile Chip LEDs

Pick up | The world's rst certi ed 15-watt class wireless power supply design

Wireless power supplies, which make device connectors safer, more dust, and waterproof, are expected to see increased use in smartphones, tablets, kitchen devices, and other products. They are also being adopted in a wider range of applications, including charging stands in hotel and airport lounges and vehicle center consoles. In November 2015, ROHM's reference design for WPC's latest Qi standard for medium power wireless transmission was the first in the world to receive certification. And from April 2016 we began offering evaluation boards to promote wireless charging that can provide greater safety and comfort.

WPC Qi Medium Power Certified Evaluation Boards
WPC Qi Medium Power Certified
Evaluation Boards