• In cases where the detection voltage of the power supply is greater than 10V, is it possible to connect a resistance between the VDD pin and the power supply?
    • In applications where voltage is input to the VDD terminal via a voltage divider (resistance), a pass-through current will momentarily flow during output logic switching. This current may cause malfunctions.
      (Pass-through current: Instantaneous current that flows from VDD to ground during output H←→L switching.)
      Configuring a capacitor at the VDD terminal will reduce voltage drop, while connecting one to the output terminal will prevent output reset chatter, suppressing output vibration. However, the capacitance value will affect the reaction time, making it imperative to consider the set conditions when selecting a capacitor.
      The BD48xx series is recommended when introducing a resistor (including resistance divider circuits).
    • Products: Standard Voltage Detectors