• In cases where the detection voltage of the power supply is greater than 10V, is it possible to connect a resistance between the VDD pin and the power supply?
    • In applications where the voltage is input using a resistance divider at the supply input pin, a through-current will flow instantaneously when the output logic switches, possibly causing malfunction (i.e. output oscillation). (Through current: Output switches from H to L, resulting in instantaneous current flow from VDD to Ground). Connecting a capacitor to the VDD pin reduces voltage drop, and adding a capacitor to the output pin prevents reset output chattering, making it possible to minimize ouptut oscillation. However, the reaction time may be delayed based on the capacitance. Therefore, we ask that the customer determine the constants after taking into account the set conditions. When inserting resistors (including resistance dividers), the BD52xx series is recommended.
    • Products: Voltage Detector with Fixed Delay Time