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What is a diode?

Rectification Diode (REC): Structure and Features

Structure Symbol Applications・ Characteristics
Figure: Rectification Diode Structure Figure: Rectification Diode Symbols
  • Used for rectification (i.e. primary side of the power supply block)
  • Mainly 1A-class and higher, high breakdown voltage (400V/600V)

Rectifier diodes, as their name implies, are designed to rectify common AC frequencies. Rectification primarily involves conversion from AC to DC, and may include high voltages and currents. Conversion efficiency can vary greatly depending on the operating frequency and conditions. As such, different types are offered, including low VF (forward voltage), high-speed switching, and low-noise models.

Figure: Converting AC to DC
Figure - Rectification Circuit Configuration

[Rectification Circuit Configuration]

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