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Automotive - Creating the futer of automobiles

  • Optimized for large current sensing applications - cover the ultra-low resistance-area over 0.2mΩ of a high power rating - PSR series
  • ROHM's SJ-MOS / PRESTO MOS are ideal for on-board charger that provides high-efficiency charging environment
  • Expanded lineup available in a wide range of sizes - Ultra-low IR Schottky Barrier Diodes RBxx8 series

ROHM, which offers a variety of car audio ICs and discrete solutions, is expanding its product lineup to meet the needs of new and emerging applications in the automotive industry, including for car navigation and multimedia systems.
In addition, following the increased digitization of vehicles and ITS, ROHM is developing ICs and discretes for body and powertrain systems. And as vehicles become increasingly safe, comfortable, and more efficient ROHM will continue to bring new products and devices to market.

Automotive Systems

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Automotive Product Catalog

Automotive Product Catalogpdf

This catalog includes our latest products and solutions for automotive applications, describes our proprietary production system, and outlines our 'Quality First' approach.

Automotive Regulator Selection Guide

Automotive Regulator Selection Guidepdf

Our selection guide introduces ROHM's lineup of switching and linear regulators, lists features and advantages, and helps users select the ideal products based on application requirements.


Revolutionizing the future of the automotive industry

This video details our approach to car electronics.