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What is SPICE?


Even though we touched upon it only briefly, hopefully you were able to understand what a SPICE simulator does.
Actual electronic circuits typically include multiple ICs and numerous discrete components.
So what is a SPICE model?
The number of elements incorporated into existing ICs can range from several dozen to hundreds of millions in the case of ULSIs.
It is not possible to create each element (i.e. transistor) individually and run them on the simulator. The simulation would take too long, making it impractical.
Therefore, SPICE models for ICs will differ from actual circuits. These models, referred to as macromodels, are obtained by greatly simplifying the circuit.

Provided via macromodel

SPICE models for transistors, diodes, SiC power devices, LEDs, IGBTs, and ICs (i.e. opamps/comparators, reset ICs, linear regulators) are available on ROHM's website.

SPICE Models