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Thin-Film Piezoelectric MEMS
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ROHM has conducted R&D over many years, focusing on technological innovation using ferroelectrics. Utilizing in-house highreliability production equipment that leverages market-proven ferroelectric technology and a heterogeneous material management system allows ROHM to integrate Thin-Film Piezoelectric MEMS and IC microfabrication technologies. In addition, joint development with customers will make it possible to achieve next-generation solutions featuring breakthrough miniaturization with unprecedented energy-savings and performance.

High-performance Thin-Film Piezoelectric Deposition Technology

ROHM's proprietary Sol-gel deposition technology of PZT thin lm has achieved a lm thickness uniformity of 2.0 m ±2.5%.

PZT Film Thickness Range 2.5%
Piezoelectric Constant d31 -190pm/V
Relative Permittivityεr 1,000
Dielectric Loss, tanδ 0.02~0.03
Leakage Current <1μA/cm2@40V
2μm line pattern

2μm line pattern

Handling and Donding Technology for Ultra-thin Wafers Up to 100 m

  • Bonding possible at low temperatures (even at 60℃)
  • ±3m alignment accuracy
  • Fully automated system improves production efciency

Silicon Deep Etching Technology

Selectivity Against Other Oxide Films

Selectivity at which etching has stopped at an oxide lm thickness of 0.5 m.Si/SiO2=230

Vertical Shape

Etching of notch-free shape of a 200 m deep hole at an angle of 90.5°.

Dimensional Accuracy