Conductive Polymer Capacitors (Bottom surface electrode : Extra Large capacitance) - TCSOM0J226M8R

ROHM conductive polymer capacitors (TCSO Series) feature a new bottom electrode configuration for greater compactness, lower profile, and larger capacitance. Conductive polymer introduced at the cathode results in lower ESR, contributing to improved safety.

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* This product is a STANDARD grade product and not recommend for on-vehicle devices.
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TCSOM0J226M8R Active TCSOM 3000 3000 Taping sim
Case M
Size[mm](inch) 1608(0603)
Case height [mm] Max. 1.0
Rated voltage [V] 6.3
Capacitance at 120Hz [µF] 22.0
Capacitance tolerance [%] ±20
Leakage current 25°C 1WV 5min [µA] 13.9
tanδ25°C at 120Hz [%] 25°C 15.0
ESR at 100kHz [mΩ] 300.0
Operating Temperature[°C] -55 to 105
  • ・Small and low profile
    ・Extra Large Capacitance
    ・Low ESRt
    ・Highly reterdan
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