Small chip LED with reflector - SMLMN2WB1CW

SMLMN2WB1CW is reflector type compact chip LED. Die is located at the center of the package, achieving equivalent distribution of light emission.

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número de peça
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Quantidade mínima Package
tipo de embalagem
SMLMN2WB1CW1 Under Development SML-M1 / MN 3000 3000 Taping sim
Package Type Reflector
LED Type Standard
Package size[mm] 2.0x1.25 (t=0.8)
Emitting color White
Chromaticity coordinates(x,y) (0.30, 0.28)
Luminous Intensity(Single)(Typ.)[mcd] 140.0
Forward Current(IF)[mA] 5
Forward Voltage VF (Typ.) [V] 2.9
Chip Structure InGaN
Power Dissipation [mW] 68
Operating Temperature[°C] -40 to 100
  • ・0805(20125mm) size
    ・Low current type chip LED with reflector
Dados técnicos
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