ESD protection Devices(TVS) - RSA6.1J4

ROHM's zener diodes are available in various lineup as 2-pin mold surfacemount type and complex type.

* This product is a STANDARD grade product and not recommend for on-vehicle devices.
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RSA6.1J4T2R Active EMD5 8000 8000 Taping sim
Grade Standard
Package Code SOT-553
Package(JEITA) SC-107BB
Package Size[mm] 1.6x1.6(t=0.5)
Mounting Style Surface mount
Number of terminal 5
Power Dissipation (PD)[mW] 150
Zener Voltage VZ (Typ.)[V] 6.1
Zener Voltage VZ (Min.)[V] 6.1
Zener Voltage VZ (Max.)[V] 7.2
IZ @ VZ [mA] 1
Peak Pulse Power (tp=10x1000µ) [W] 10
Storage Temperature (Min.)[°C] -55
Storage Temperature (Max.)[°C] 150
  • ・Ultra-small mold type.
    ・High reliability.
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