Fast Recovery Diode (corresponds to AEC-Q101) - RFN5TF8SFH

ROHM's fast recovery diodes are ultra high-speed, low VF, and suited for significant efficiency increase of switching power supply as well as reduction of switching loss.

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RFN5TF8SFH Active TO-220NFM(2PIN) 1000 Tube inquiry sim
Common Standard AEC-Q101
Number of terminal 2
VRM[V] 800
Reverse Voltage VR[V] 800
Average Rectified Forward Current IO[A] 5.0
IFSM[A] 60.0
Forward Voltage VF(Max.)[V] 2.1
IF @ Forward Voltage [A] 5.0
Reverse Current IR(Max.)[mA] 0.01
VR @ Reverse Current [V] 800
trr(Max.)[ns] 40
IF @ trr [mA] 500
IR @ trr [A] 1.0
Package Size[mm] 15.0x10.0
Mounting Style Leaded type
Storage Temperature (Min.)[°C] -55
Storage Temperature (Max.)[°C] 150
Package Code ITO-220AC
  • ・TO-220 package product.
    ・High efficiency and high reliability.
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