Compact Chip Resistor Networks - MNR14E0APF

ROHM's chip resistor networks employ the metal glaze resistive element with high reliability. They are suitable for the high-density mounting so that the use of this product can reduce the mounting frequency as well as the mounting space.

número de peça
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Quantidade mínima Package
tipo de embalagem
MNR14E0APF Active 5000 5000 Taping sim
Automotive grade Yes
Size[mm](inch) 1608(0603)x4
Resistance Tolerance F (±1%)
Resistance range[Ω] 10 to 1M
Resistance(Min.)[Ω] 10.0
Resistance(Max.)[Ω] 1000000.0
Temperature Coefficient[ppm/°C] ±100
Type Chip Networks
Number of terminals 8
Number of elements 4
Operating Temperature[°C] -55 to 155
  • ・High-reliability chip resistor network assembled on the same production line as the standard chip resistors.
    ・Reduction of mounting cost by decreased mounting. frequency.
    ・The integration by this resistor network brings space saving.
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