Contact Image Sensor Heads (8inch CIS) - LSH6008-CA50A

The Basic CIS by which the add-on can shorten the development period of a product sharply while beingable to satisfy broad demand.A taper glass and tempered glass can respond as an option.
As a measure against a paper jam, the custom-made correspondence of the special cantact plate can becarried out.

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LSH6008-CA50A Active sim
Effective scanning width[mm] 216.0
Resolutions[dpi] 600
Total pixcels[pixels] 5184
Pixcel clock[MHz] 8.0
Scanning speed[ms/Line,Color] 0.28
Dynamic range(Max.)[V] 0.5
Logic voltage[V] 3.3
Light source input voltage[V] 7.0
Light source type RGB
CIS type Flatbed Type
Output type 3ch
  • ・ High speed reading capability due to 3 analog output.
    ・ Signal amplifier integrated into each sensor IC in order to eliminate external noise ; compatible with 3.3V interface.
    ・ LED light source mounted on the same substrate as the sensor chip itself, resulting in a more compact, lightweight package.
    ・ Proprietary prism maintains a uniform output signal.
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