For Large-sized, High-speed Label Printers : DC92 series - KD3006-DC92A

This thermal printhead consists of the heat element structure which enables high-speed printing and the durable protective coating, and the driver IC which a high current can be allowed is mounted on. Due to these features, superior reliability is ensured in industrial equipment.

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KD3006-DC92A Active sim
Print width[mm] 162.624
Resolutions[dpi] 300
Resistance variation[Ω] 1250.0
Logic voltage[V] 4.75 to 5.25
Number of dot[dots] 1920
Platen diameter(Max.)[mm] 20.0
Print speed[mm/s] 100
Supply voltage[V] 24
Connector type Cable
Heat sink Yes
Abrasion life[km] 150
Pulse life[million pulses] 100