Thermal Printheads / for Facsimiles : A series - KA2008-AF10A

In-house LSI is mounted on ROHM printheads for A4 facsimiles, contributing to a reduction in the size and weight of printers. It enjoys wide use due to their high productivity, basic structure and reliable performance. This KA2008-AF10A is suitable for Facsimiles of all types, from personal to business. Also ideal for ECGs and other medical imaging equipment due to particle-free printing.

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KA2008-AF10A Active sim
Print width[mm] 216.0
Resolutions[dpi] 203
Logic voltage[V] 3.13 to 5.25
Number of dot[dots] 1728
Print speed[mm/s] 6.25 to 12.5
Abrasion life[km] 30
Pulse life[million pulses] 30