Zener Diode (corresponds to AEC-Q101) - EDZVFH36B

ROHM's zener diodes are available in various lineup as 2-pin mold surfacemount type and complex type.

número de peça
Estado de Condição
Quantidade Unidade
Quantidade mínima Package
tipo de embalagem
EDZVFHT2R36B Active EMD2 8000 8000 Taping sim
Common Standard AEC-Q101
Number of terminal 2
Power Dissipation (PD)[mW] 150
Zener Voltage VZ (Typ.)[V] 36.0
Zener Voltage VZ (Min.)[V] 35.07
Zener Voltage VZ (Max.)[V] 36.87
IZ[mA] 2
Package Size[mm] 1.6x0.8(t=0.6)
Mounting Style Surface mount
Storage Temperature (Min.)[°C] -55
Storage Temperature (Max.)[°C] 150
Package Code SOD-523
Package(JEITA) SC-79
  • ・Ultra-small 2-pin mini mold high-density surface mount type.(EMD2)
    ・High reliability.
    ・Mounting possible by automated chip mount.
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