Isolated AC/DC Converter - BP5722A12

These are AC/DC converters for obtaining DC output from commercial power supplies without transformer. They realize simple switching power supplies with few external devices, suitable for driving micro-computers and LEDs .

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BP5722A12 Active SIP11 150 Tray sim
Vin[V] 217 to 405 (154 to 286V in AC conversion)
Vout(Typ.)[V] 12
Iout(Max.)[mA] 1000
Dimensions [mm] 32.5x21.5x9.3
  • ・High conversion efficiency and low stand-by current because of switching power supplies
    ・Wide input voltage range (154 to 286V in AC conversion)
    ・Output 12V1A
    ・Dimensions 32.5x21.5x9.3mm
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