Wi-SUN Compatible Wireless Module - BP35A1

The BP35A1 is a 920MHz specified low-power wireless module compatible with Wi-SUN (Wireless Smart Utility Network), an international wireless communication standard optimized for smart communities. A built-in 32bit high-power microcontroller makes it ideal for embedding in a variety of HEMS devices. In addition, the BP35A1 is Radio Law (Japan) certified and incorporates Wi-SUN-compatible firmware that supports HEMS applications, providing greater ease-of-use.

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BP35A1 Active 100 20 Tray sim
Vin[V] 2.7 to 3.6
Frequency Band Used[MHz] 922.5 to 927.9
Rx Sensitivity[dBm] -103
Icc Transmitting[mA] 46(20mW)
Icc Receiving[mA] 30
Icc Sleeping [uA] 9
Host Interface UART
Onboard System IC ML7396B
Dimensions [mm] 22.0x33.5x3.9
Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C] -20
Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C] 80
    • Built-in antenna eliminates the need for high-frequency designs
    • Transmitting power pre-adjusted
    • MAC address included
    • Japan Radio Law certified
    • Integrated 32bit high-power MCU
    • Incorporates HEMS-optimized firmware
    • Industry-leading receiver sensitivity
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