Isolation Voltage 2,500Vrms High Voltage Detection IC - BM67290FV-C

BM67290FV-C is a voltage detector IC for DC-DC converter for Electric Cars & Hybrid Cars. Aside from being capable of converting input voltage to duty, it has built in protection functions against low voltage, overvoltage and active overvoltage.

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BM67290FV-CE2 Active SSOP-B20W 2000 2000 Taping sim
Isolation Voltage [Vrms] 2500.0
Supply Voltage 1 (Min.) [V] 8.0
Supply Voltage 1 (Max.) [V] 24.0
Supply Voltage 2 (Min.) [V] 3.0
Supply Voltage 2 (Max.) [V] 5.5
Circuit Current 1 [mA] 4.6
Circuit Current 2 [mA] 0.2
Reference Voltage 5V±1.5%
    • Built-in input PWM modulation circuit
    • Built-in low voltage lock out circuit
    • Built-in input under voltage protection function
    • Built-in input overvoltage protection function
    • Built-in magnetic isolator
    • Built-in active overvoltage protection function
    • Built-in reference voltage output
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Thermal Resistance