2 Cell / 3 Cell Narrow VDC Charger with SMBus Interface - BD99950MUV

The BD99950MUV is a high-efficiency, synchronous Narrow VDC system voltage regulator and battery charger controller. It has two charge pumps which separately drive N-channel MOSFETs for automatic system power source selection. Charge voltage, charge current, AC adapter current and minimum system voltage can be programmed through SMBus. With a small inductor, PWM switching frequency can also be programmed by SMBus up to 1.2MHz.

* This product is a STANDARD grade product and not recommend for on-vehicle devices.
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BD99950MUV-E2 Active VQFN20PV3535 2500 2500 Taping sim
Grade Standard
Supply Voltage(Min.)[V] 6.0
Supply Voltage(Max.)[V] 24.0
Charge Voltage [V] 8.4±0.5%
Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C] -10
Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C] 85
    • N-channel MOSFETs available for Battery or
      Adapter Selection via Internal Charge Pumps
    • Fast DPM Transient Response under Turbo Mode (<100µs)
    • Linear Mode Trickle Charge via BGATE Charge Pump
    • Low Operating Current BGATE Charge Pump at 17µA (typical)
    • MLCC Output Capacitor
    • High Light Load Efficiency for Energy Star and ErP Lot6
    • Fast Load Current Transient Response under
      No Battery or Dead Battery conditions
    • NMOS-NMOS Synchronous Step-Down Controller
    • Programmable 600kHz-1.2MHz Switching Frequency
    • Programmable Charge Voltage (16mV resolution),
      Charger Current (64mA resolution),
      Input Current (64mA resolution),
      Minimum System Voltage (64mV resolution)
    • ±0.5% Charge Voltage Accuracy
    • ±3% Charge Current Accuracy
    • ±3% Input Current Accuracy
    • ±0.5% Minimum System Voltage Accuracy
    • ±2% 20x Input Current Amplifier Output Accuracy
    • Integrated Loop Compensation
    • Battery Learn Function
    • AC Adapter Operating Range : 6.0V to 24.0V
    • Off-State Battery Discharge Current at 15µA
    • 20pin 3.5mm×3.5mm QFN Package
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Thermal Resistance