BD9361GUL-E2 - BD9361GUL

6-Channel Switching Regulator Controller for Digital Camerathat contains an internal FET, and 1-Channel LDO.
It is optimal power supply composition for Digital Camera orDigital Video Camera which carries CMOS sensor.
It contributes to mounting area reduction, because CH1~CH4have built-in feedback resister and WL-CSP of compactpackage is adopted.

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* This product is a STANDARD grade product and not recommend for on-vehicle devices.
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BD9361GUL-E2 Active VCSP50L3 2500 2500 Taping sim
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  • ・ 2.5V minimum input operating, and Supplies power for the internal circuit by step-up converter(CH1).
    ・ CH1 step-up converter, CH2 cross converter, CH3,4 step-down converter CH5 step-down converter controllable output voltage by external resister.CH6 boost converter for LED,
    ・ All channels contain internal Power MOSFET and compensation.
    ・ Operating frequency of 2.0 MHz (CH3,4,5) and 1.0MHz (CH1,2,6).
    ・ Includes Over Voltage Protection (OVP) for CH1, 2, 6.
    ・ Includes LDO controllable output voltage by serial communication.
    ・ Contains sequence control circuit for CH1~3. It is possible to select sequence CH1⇒CH3⇒CH4⇒CH2 and CH1⇒CH4⇒CH3⇒CH2 by SEQ_CTL pin CH1, 2, 3, 4. CH5, 6, and LDO are possible to turn ON/OFF by serial communication.
    8) Built-In discharge switch (CH2,3,4) and contains off sequence control circuit for CH1~4 with inverted start-up sequence.
    9) Included cut off output voltage circuit during over current (timer latch type).
    10) Include back-gate control for CH1 with soft start function
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