Power Management LSI for Mobile Phone - BD7185AGWL

The BD7185AGWL is an integrated Power Management LSI available in a small 80-pins 0.4mm-pitch 3.8mm-by- 3.8mm Wafer-level CSP package, which is designed to meet demands for space-constrained Smart phones.

The device provides 5-Buck Converters.
The device also includes 12 general-purpose LDOs providing a wide range of voltage and current capabilities.

All Buck Converters and LDOs are fully controllable by the I²C interface. The BD7185AGWL is very easy to use in any mobile platforms.

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* This product is a STANDARD grade product and not recommend for on-vehicle devices.
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BD7185AGWL-E2 Active UCSP50L3C 2500 2500 Taping sim
ch 5
Vin1(Min.)[V] 2.6
Vin1(Max.)[V] 5.5
Serial I/F I2C
Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C] -35
Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C] 85
  • · 5-channel high-efficiency Buck Converters
      (16-step adjustable VO by I²C)
    · 12-channel CMOS-type LDO
      (16-step adjustable VO by I²C)
    · LDO and Buck Converter power ON/OFF control by
      I²C interface or external pin.
    · Power ON/OFF sequence.
    · 32.768kHz OSC and output buffer.
    · 4-to-1 analog switch.
    · TCXO buffer.
    · SIM card I/F
    · I²C compatible Interface.
    · I²C device address changeable by ADRS pin.
      (Device address is “1001011”,”1001100”)
    · Small and thin CSP package
      (3.8mm × 3.8mm height 0.57mm max)
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