50V Max. H-bridge Drivers - BD6941FM

BD6941FM is the reversible motor driver for output 1.25A (1Motor), and can control a DC motor in four modes (Forward,Reverse, Standby, Brake) corresponding to two control logic inputs. This IC incorporates a various protections and its power-supply maximum ratings is designed up to 50V for car use reliability.

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BD6941FM-E2 Active HSOP-M36 1500 1500 Taping sim
Grade Automotive
Vcc (Max.)[V] 50.0
Iout (Max.)[A] 1.25
Number of Motors 1
Automotive class Yes
Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C] -40
Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C] 105
  • ・Stand-by current 0μA(typ.)
    ・Four output sates ( Forward,Reverse,Standby,Brake ) by two control logic
    ・Output overcurrent protection with timer.
    ・Built-in thermal shutdown
    ・Over voltage detection switch off
    ・Built-in protection monitor pin (PO)
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