3-Phase Brushless Fan Motor Controller - BD62012FS

This controller synthesizes the optimal driving signal from hall sensor signals, and outputs the synthesized signal to control the external level shifter and power transistor. The replacement is also easy because of the pin compatible with BD62011FS and BD62014FS, and this controller provides optimum motor drive for a wide variety of applications, and enables motor unit standardization.

* This product is a STANDARD grade product and not recommend for on-vehicle devices.
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BD62012FS-E2 Active SSOP-A24 2000 2000 Taping inquiry sim
Grade Standard
Usage General
Number of phase Three-phase
Power supply 15V
Controller Chip 150°
Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C] -40
Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C] 110
  • ・150°commutation logic
    ・PWM control (Upper arm switching)
    ・Phase control supported from 0° to +30° at 1° intervals
    • Rotational direction switch
    ・FG signal output with pulse number switch (4 or 12)
    ・VREG output (5V/30mA)
    ・Protection circuits provided: OCP, TSD, UVLO, MLP and the external fault input (FIB)
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