Voltage Detector with Adjustable Delay Time - BD53E49G-M

ROHM's BD52Exxx and BD53Exxx series are highlyaccurate, low current consumption Voltage DetectorICs with a capacitor controlled time delay. The line upincludes BD52Exxx devices with N-channel open drainoutput and BD53Exxx devices with CMOS output. Thedevices are available for specific detection voltagesranging from 2.3V to 6.0V in increments of 0.1V.

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BD53E49G-MTR Active SSOP5 3000 3000 Taping sim
Voltage Detection[V] 4.9
VDET Precision [%] ±1
Reset Active Voltage Range [V] 0.95 to 10
Output Types CMOS
Reset Delay Timer Adjustable Delay
Reset Active State Low
Manual Reset No
Watchdog Timer No
Auto Motive Yes
Circuit Current (ON) [µA] 0.85(VDET=4.8V)
Circuit Current (OFF) [µA] 0.85(VDET=4.8V)
Hysteresis Voltage [V] VDET x 0.05
"L" Output Current (LowVol) [mA] 1.2
"L" Output Current (HighVol) [mA] 5
Delay Circuit Resistance [MΩ] 9.0
Comment Cu wire bonding.
Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C] -40
Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C] 105
  • ・ Delay Time Controlled by external Capacitor
    ・ Two output types (N-channel open drain and CMOS output)
    ・ Ultra-low current consumption
    ・ Very small, lightweight and thin package
    ・ Package SSOP5 is similar to SOT-23-5(JEDEC)
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Thermal Resistance