20W+20W Class D Speaker Amplifier for Digital Input - BD28620MUV

BD28620MUV is a Class D Speaker Amplifier designed for Flat-panel TVs in particular for space-saving and low-power consumption. This IC delivers an output power of 20W+20W. This IC employs state-of-the-art Bipolar, CMOS, and DMOS (BCD) process technology. With this technology, the IC can achieve high efficiency. In addition, the IC is packaged in a compact back-surface heat-sink type power package to achieve low power consumption and low heat generation and to eliminate need for external heat-sink. With this package, total output power is only 34W as compared to 40W total output power of package with external heat-sink This product satisfies all needs for drastic downsizing, low-profile structures and powerful high quality playback of sound systems.

* This product is a STANDARD grade product and not recommend for on-vehicle devices.
número de peça
Estado de Condição
Quantidade Unidade
Quantidade mínima Package
tipo de embalagem
BD28620MUV-E2 Active VQFN024V4040 2500 2500 Taping sim
Vcc(Min.)[V] 8.5
Vcc(Max.)[V] 24.0
I/F 2 wire port
Digital Audio I/F I2S
Speaker Amp Outputs 2.0
Speaker Amp Input Type Digital Signal
Speaker Amp Type Class D
Speaker Amp Output Power(Max.)[W] 20
Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C] -25
Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C] 85
    • 1 Digital Audio Interface
      I²S format
      SDATA: 16/20/24bit
      LRCLK (fS): 32kHz/44.1kHz/48kHz
      BCLK: 64fS(fixed)
      MCLK: 256fS/512fSAutomatic Identification)
    • Low supply current at RESET mode.
    • Output Feedback Circuitry which prevents decrease of sound quality caused by change of power supply voltage, achieves low noise and low distortion, eliminates need for large electrolytic-capacitors
    • Variable Gain (17dB/20dB/26dB)
    • Wide power supply voltage range (8.5V to 24V)
    • High efficiency, low heat
    • Pop noise prevention at power supply ON/OFF
    • Soft Muting Technology
    • High reliability design by built-in protection circuits: High temperature protection, Under voltage protection, Output short protection, Output DC voltage protection, Clock stop protection (MCLK, BCLK, LRCLK)
    • Small package (VQFN024V4040)
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