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What are opamps?

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Input Current)

Input Current

For differential and common mode input voltages, inputting a voltage lower than VEE-0.3V or greater than VCC+0.3V will cause current to flow through the input terminal, possibly leading to characteristics degradation and/or damage.
To prevent this, a small clamping diode can be connected to the input pin to clamp the forward voltage, or a resistor can be inserted to limit current flow to the input pin.
The first method controls the voltage input to the IC, while the second controls the current.
Please set a resistor so that the input current is less than 10mA. The VF will be at a forward voltage of approx. 0.6V.

Input Current Limiting Resistor Connection, Input Protection Diode Connection
Opamp/Comparator BasicsApplication Notes