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What is a motor?

What is a Motor?

How does a motor work? (1)

1) Motor rotation using a magnet/magnetic force

The basic operating principle of a motor is as follows.
Around a permanent magnet having a rotational axis,① When the outer magnets rotate (referred to as a rotating magnetic field),② The N and S poles attract and repel each other, ③ Causing the magnet with the rotational axis (center) to turn.

Basic Operating Principle of a Motor

Alternatively, supplying current to a conductor generates a magnetic field around, creating a rotational magnetic field (magnetic force). This results in the same effect as rotating a magnet.

Here magnetic field is generated by passing a current through a conductive wire

However, if we wind a conductive wire into a coil the magnetic force is combined, generating a large magnetic flux along with N and S poles.

The magnetic force can be further strengthened by utilizing an iron core to increase magnetic flux density
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