Low Power MicrocontrollerLAPIS Semiconductor is a ROHM Group Company

Low-Power Microcontroller Series Featuring RC Analog-to-Digital Converters

ML610Q4xx low-power microcontrollers are 8-bit microcontrollers with a unique sensor interface to simplify component count, cost and power while enabling accurate measurement of temperature, humidity or carbon monoxide in small battery-operated devices – making these temperature microcontrollers or ADC microcontrollers the optimal choice in low power microcontrollers for these applications.

A new low-power microcontroller series (ML610Q4xx) from LAPIS Semiconductor (a ROHM Group company) will give designers more choices when creating products that provide comprehensive control over the operation of battery-powered devices used for the measurement and display of temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide in industrial and commercial environments. The 8-bit microcontroller series feature an RC-type analog-to-digital converter that provides accurate (±1.0°C) temperature measurement using only passive components.

RC-type ADCs simplify the external circuit and the software necessary to perform measurements and require less power than systems employing a separate ADC to convert the sensor input. The ML610Q4xx ADC microcontroller series offers versions with either FLASH memory or masked ROM to store the program that controls the display, user interface, communication ports, and take measurements. The newest members of the low power micro series feature in-circuit programmable FLASH, which gives designers the ability to have non-volatile data storage on-chip and the ability to change the program in the field.