IR LEDs and Optical Sensors

ROHM offers a range of optical sensors and communication devices, from IR LEDs and phototransistors to fully integrated remote control receiver modules, IrDA transmitters, photointerrupters, and customized proximity sensor detectors.

IR LEDs and transistor sensor products are offered in packages ranging from standard T1, T11/4 packages to very small low profile (0.9mm) SMD top view and side view packages, all featuring ambient light resistance with wide or narrow viewing angles. These devices are suitable for remote control transmitters, games, security, industrial applications and proximity detection.

Integrated products such as photointerrupters and reflectors are offered in a variety of package sizes and different gap and slit widths. High accuracy detection due to double molding technology makes them ideal for printer applications, including paper/door detection and motor rotation/position sensing.

Tilt sensors offered in small, low profile, low noise SMD packages are applicable for orientation detection and image rotation in digital cameras, cell phones, tablet computers and other handheld devices.

ROHM IR receivers and IrDA communication devices with integrated LSI / IR components operate at low voltage and low power consumption while internal filters and shielding contribute to low noise operation and greater EMI resistance.

IR LEDs and Optical Sensor Product Lineup

  • IR Emitters
  • IR Phototransistors / Sensors
  • Photointerrupters
  • Tilt Sensors
  • IrDA Communication Modules
  • Remote Control Receiver Modules