3 ECOs sought by the ROHM Group

ECO Energy

Contributing to an energy
conservation-oriented society

Analog Power

ROHM believes that analog power is key to achieving ECO Energy. Committed to becoming the best in the world in analog power technologies, our highly experienced analog engineers combine their considerable technical expertise with the world's most advanced proprietary process and circuit design technologies to develop products that achieve breakthroughs in power conversion efficiency. ROHM contributes to improved power savings through optimized solutions leveraging our diverse lineup that includes everything from discrete devices to ICs and modules.

Analog Power

Contributing to greater worldwide energy conservation by
increasing high efficiency and reducing loss in a variety of fields.

Analog Solutions

Power management

ROHM continues to contribute to the evolution of battery drive time and device systems by efficiently supplying optimal power to MCUs and CPUs that act as the brains of devices. Combining our products with the digital power supply technologies of ROHM Powervation, Ltd., which joined the ROHM group last year, allows us to provide higher precision, higher efficiency solutions.

PMICs (system power supplies)
(system power supplies)
80V DC/DC converters

Motor drivers

Approximately half of the world's power is said to be consumed by motors, and power consumption can only be expected to grow as air conditioners, robots, and other motor-driven devices increase in popularity. ROHM contributes to reduced worldwide power consumption by developing high accuracy motor drivers that provide efficient motor drive operation.

High voltage fan motor drivers
High voltage fan motor drivers
Isolated gate drivers
Isolated gate drivers

Power Solutions

Power devices

The use of electronics in high-power applications such as automotive systems and industrial equipment continues to increase. ROHM contributes to greater power savings and miniaturization in social systems by offering innovative power devices centered on silicon carbide SiC) that achieve dramatically lower loss.

1200V/300A full SiC power modules
1200V/300A full SiC
power modules

Pick up | Developing drive ICs that maximize SiC device performance

With its industry-leading SiC device lineup ROHM is actively involved in deviceevolution,includingthe development and mass production of the world's first SiC MOSFET that utilizes a double trench structure to achieve lower loss. ROHM is also developing driver ICs that maximize device performance.
In April 2016, ROHM began offering 1700V SiC MOSFETs andcontrol ICs optimized for SiC drive. ROHM also contributes to dramatically increased power savings and miniaturization in a variety of applications through proprietary state-of-the-art power solutions.

AC/DC converter control ICs for SiC drive
AC/DC converter control ICs for SiC drive