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Approach to Quality

Discrete & Module Business

Discrete & Module Business: Highlights - Passive Components / Opto Electronics

Contributing to society through wide-ranging product development Passive Components / Opto Electronics


Contributing to energy savings

In the field of resistors, which were the first products offered by ROHM, we continue to provide industry-leading developments, such as the world's first chip resistors (in 1974).ROHM is also working to increase power in high reliability compact applications as well as the automotive and industrial equipment sectors.

Tantalum Capacitors

ROHM tantalum capacitors are more compact, provide larger capacitances, and feature superior temperature and DC bias characteristics compared to ceramic chip capacitors. We also offer the industry's smallest packages.

Contributing to increased miniaturization

Ultra-High-Capacitance TCSO Series TUT (U Case)


Tiny and bright

ROHM develops the world's smallest, thinnest products by fusing original device and precision processing technologies.ROHM is also increasing high power performance in the compact device, automotive, and industrial equipment fields.

Laser Diodes

High-speed · High precision

ROHM is competing for the top share in the laser diode market, which is primarily used in optical disc drives, laser printers, and photocopiers. And in recent years we have been pursuing development to open up new fields and applications such as motion sensors and HDD heat-assisted magnetic recording.