ROHM has developed the industry's first blood analysis system utilizing µTAS.Blood Analysis System B-analyst

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"B-analyst" realizes rapid and high accuracy examination with only a drop of blood by utilizing μTAS (Micro Total Analysis System) and liquid reagents.


1. Single drop of blood
Single drop of blood is all you need.

2. Easy to use
No calibration is needed.

3. Easy maintenance
No cleaning and washing is needed due to the reagent chip is the only waste.

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Intended use

The B-analyst offers blood analysis and make efficient use of clinical.

Point of use

Reagent chip


The industry's first μTAS chip utilizing liquid reagents.

ROHM's µTAS chip permit blood and liquid reagents to be measured, mixed, and reacted in a few centimeters square. This is the first µTAS chip in the industry that utilizes liquid reagents.

・Liquid reagents held in the chip
・Liquid reagents and sample controlled by centrifugal force
・Min. 4 μL measuring

Product lineup

B-analyst HbA1c

B-analyst CRP

B-analyst hsCRP